NFL Hall of Famer John Riggins Makes Stop in Winchester Red Skins fans enthusiastically drove by Bonnie Blue in Winchester hoping to get a shout out from former player and Hall of Famer John Riggins. He was getting some tips on how to smoke venison. It's all for his new show called "Riggo on the Range." The show is about hunting and then preparing a meal using his prey. Riggins says hunting is symbolic on one hand and a great social event on the other. "It's a solitary thing," said Riggins. "A lot of times you can sit there and a lot of thoughts go through your head. Beats the heck out of sitting in front of a television set I can tell you that. And the reward at the end of the day is you get to go back and tell everybody about the great shot you made. But ultimately, once again, it's a social process. You sit down with family and friends and you have something that came from the wild. It's not coming from a feed lot." The show takes him across the county. But on Monday, he chose Winchester and advice from a local chef. © Copyright 2013 TV3 Winchester / Gray Television Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The name Bonnie Blue was inspired by the short lived Republic of West Florida. A brave group of settlers broke away from Spain on September 23, 1810 and declared their independence from the Spanish Crown. The Capital of the new republic was located in Saint Francisville in present-day Louisiana. The flag of the republic was the “Bonnie Blue”, a single white star on a blue cloth. Despite its name, none of the territory lays in present day Florida. President Madison annexed the Republic of West Florida 90 days later. The guys love the food and vibe of the gulf coast and the history of this tiny republic.

Opening day will be September 23, 2012, the 198th anniversary of the Republic of West Florida and the “Bonnie Blue”.

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If you spend any time downtown, you have likely seen the renovations taking place on the 1920 Esso station that serves as the gateway to Winchester at the Route 50 intersection of Amherst and Boscawen streets.  Recently the words “Bonnie Blue” were painted onto the building.  What is Bonnie Blue, you ask?  I talked to Christian Schweiger to get some answers.  Christian is one of three partners of Bonnie Blue. The other partners are Brian Pellatt, founder of One Block West Restaurant, and former Chef at the Ashby Inn, and Stephen Pettler Jr., managing partner at Harrison & Johnston law firm.

Bonnie Blue Southern Market and Bakery features a full bakery, seasonal local produce, cured meats, cheeses, specialty beers and wines, pastries, custom roasted coffees, redneck donuts, Bloody Mary mixes, house made pies and desserts, smoked fish, and hard to find southern products.

Southern market & bakery in winchester, VA

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